A Quick Update!

Hey everyone, I’m dropping in today to give you all a quick little update on what’s to come for Mindfully Miranda in the upcoming weeks!

As some of you may know the school year has just started for those of us over here in Canada, and that means a lot less free hours in the day for me – but continual content for my blog regardless.

I hope you all can bare with me for these first few transitional weeks as I try to create some semblance of a schedule for myself and for my blog.

Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays are still my scheduled blog post days where I will be posting Vlog Updates (Monday), Random Health slash Wellness related posts (Wednesday) and Food Fridays where I post recipes!

Due to the craziness of back to school, I didn’t align (or get to write) an advice post for today as I had previously planned, but instead I thought I would let you all know why first – and then do a quick little supplemental post! So here we go..

Wednesday Sept. 9, 2015       –         L O V I N G     L A T E L Y

Food: Hands down, I cannot deny the fact that I eat a Quest Bar almost every day, if not every second day. My new fave flavor has been White Chocolate Raspberry, but my original loves, Cookie Dough and Cookies n Cream, are still going strong. If you haven’t had a Quest Bar yet – do yourself a favor and try one! (Heads up to people in my area, Thrifty Foods, Save on Foods and London Drugs carry them at most locations)

Dinner time seems to be a repeat of the most amazing pan sautéed mushrooms with homemade gravy, steamed broccoli and a baked sweet potato on the side!


Fitness: Have I told you guys before how much I love Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide? Oh, yeah.. I forgot about that. Either way it is my go to workout schedule and I am currently going strong (at least I like to think I am) at Week 19!! (By the way – that Leg Day killed me, Im still sore)


Fashion: Dresses, dresses and more dresses. Every where I go to look at clothes it seems to be that they have their dresses on sale and within the past month I have purchased 5 new dresses! My favourites right now are form fitting, floral and super cute and comfy. Props to the fact that I don’t need to plan a whole outfit since a dress is all one piece!

Fitness Fshion wise – I am in L O V E with my new Nike trainers! Theyre perfect for gym sessions; Nike TR Fit 5 in Black! Go check them out on my Insta: @missmirandat ! 🙂


Random: Candles, lately I have been wanting candles everywhere at any time of the day and in any scent! Each morning and night I have 4 candles spread out from my bedroom to my bathroom that I light. They are from Bath and Body Works and come in the scents Garden Bouquet, Leaves, Pumpkin Cupcake and Lilac. (Obviously I’m still transitioning from summer to fall lol)

I’ve also been loving evening trail walks with the familia! Isn’t it crazy that its already cool enough for me to pull out my Lulu hoodie!?


And there you have it folks!

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Wishing you above all Health & Happiness

Miranda xo


Food Friday: BS Burgers

“Hey dad, these taste just like McDonald’s – want a bite?” – Me the other night while eating a suspicious looking black burger wrapped in lettuce and covered in only God knows what for toppings. Safe to say that I was definitely bullshitting him, and that was when BS Burgers were born.
(Oh & these burgers..)
These little beauties are a tad spicy, a tad crunchy, a tad finicking to get to stick together, but the taste is there and so is the heart, so give ’em a try.
1 16 oz. can of black beans, drained and rinsed
1/2 medium head of cauliflower, chopped and steamed (about 1.5 cups once steamed)
1/3 cup uncooked bulgur wheat (or bread crumbs, your pick)
2 Tablespoons – 1/4 cup diced onion
2 Tablespoons Pasteurized Liquid Egg Whites
1/2 – 1 full Tablespoon of Hot Sauce
1 Tablespoon Nutritional Yeast
1/4 teaspoon *each paprika, turmeric and parsley flakes (spices)
Sprinkle of salt and pepper, to taste
  1. Starting by chopping up your cauliflower and then placing it in a microwave safe dish, and placing it in the microwave for around 2 minutes (or until tender).
  2. Meanwhile, drain and rinse your beans and place them in either a food processor, immersion blender or regular high-powered blender. Pulse until mostly smooth, but leave some chunks for texture.
  3. Next, dice you onion and add it to the beans. Once you cauliflower is done steaming, place it in the blender as well and pulse everything together until thoroughly combine.
  4. Using a spoon or spatula, fold in your bulgur, hot sauce, egg whites, as well as all of your seasonings and spices into the mixture – it should be mostly smooth throughout.
  5. On a stovetop, place a ceramic skillet (if not ceramic, I recommend greasing it to begin with) on high heat and drop spoonfuls of the bean mixture onto the pan. Let sit for roughly 5 minutes, then using a steady hand and a flat flipper spatula, scrape under the burger until you can lift it from the pan and flip it over. Let cook for another 5 minutes, or until golden brown on either side. (Honestly it may fall apart, but this is because we are keeping the ingredients super simple and not adding any binders or thickeners, just try to keep a steady hand and if it falls apart just squish it back together lol).
Note: You may alternatively place them on a parchment lined pan in the oven at 350 degrees and flip them every 10 minutes (20 mins in oven total) to prevent them from falling apart.
Serve on lettuce buns with sprouts, hummus, guacamole, tomatoes, etc. and pair with homemade sweet potato fries for some extra kick. Enjoy!
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Wishing you above all Health & Happiness
– Miranda xo

Protein Pancakes & Dallas Smith


Howdy, folks!

Another VLOG has just gone live on my YouTube Channel!

You get to watch Desi and I lose our chill over Dallas Smith, see me make some amazing Protein Pancakes and have a full-blown Elton John dance party while blogging. Its a must-see, really. Oh and did I mention that my mum and Desiree might have turned into cashew monsters? Watch to find out!! (The TV show we are referencing when we talk about The King and his horse dung patties in that clip is called Merlin, and its on Netflix)

Click here to watch it.

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Wishing you above all Health & Happiness

Miranda xo

Reaching my Fitness Goals


Some times the smallest steps in the right direction end up being the biggest steps of your life, and my fitness journey has been one of the greatest examples of this.

Growing up, my uncompetitive nature left me on the sidelines during school gym sessions, never being picked for teams,  causing my self esteem to take a serious hit, and I ended up almost completely giving up on the idea that I could ever be physically fit.

Fast forward 7 years, a few bumps in the road, a change of direction and now my entire life and career revolves around fitness and the healthy habits needed in order to achieve optimum results.

Anyone who trains is aware of the direct correlation between physical results and nutrition, and if you do train and don’t, I highly recommend you look into it. Once you fuel your body with the proper nutrition, you will begin to reach your goals, and today I’m going to help you get started by sharing my 3-step story.

Step 1. Motivate

In order to get moving (both literally and figuratively), set a tangible goal that you can visualize every single day, and plan your workouts according to what you want to achieve. In my room I keep a framed pin board (or my virtual one found here) where I post inspiring quotes and pictures of different yoga poses I want to be able to master one day. Once I have a goal in mind, whether its completing the bird of paradise, or running an 8-minute mile, I have something I can work towards each time I go to train.

Having a goal is the first step, getting there is an entirely different matter, and in order to stay focused with my training, I have acquired daily habits to make sure I get in each session. I always have good music on hand to ensure I complete each workout to the best of my ability, and my playlist is a mix of everything from One Direction to Flo Rida (yes, you read that correctly), you can find what I listen to by clicking here.

I also follow numerous individuals on YouTube, Instagram, etc. who embody healthy lifestyles, and sometimes all the motivation I need to hit the gym is to see how happy they look after their own workout or after eating a healthy meal. Having a network of support, whether its your family, your boyfriend or a random stranger on the internet, is crucial to me.



Step 2. Train

I like to switch up my daily workouts by completing fast, effective training sessions that keep me both mentally and physically on my A-game. I complete Kayla Itsines` Bikini Body Guide Resistance Circuits 3 times a week, and after each workout I add in additional weight-lifting exercises to build my muscular strength. High intensity bursts paired with strength conditioning moves have brought me to my peak physical performance – its a love-love relationship.

To keep things exciting, I also add in roughly 2 sessions of cardio where I can sweat all of my frustrations away, and get my heart rate up. I do yoga on a daily basis to stretch, soothe and balance my mind and body (which is my key to staying on track).

Adding in challenges that are out of the ordinary help keep fitness fun, and I recommend you try switching up your routine to keep yourself mentally sharp. For example, this October I am going to be running my very first 10K in support of a local charity close to my heart; running for an amazing cause, surrounded by people I genuinely care about is the kind of thing that really helps me to reconnect to my goals.



Step 3. Nourish

Its no secret that I love food, I mean 50% of my blog posts revolve around nutrition, and its a vital aspect of training that cannot be overlooked. What you eat before you workout and how you afterwards can make or break you, so I pay close attention to what I am putting into my body.

To gain a rough idea of the nutrients I need in order to keep progressing physically, I have calculated my macros, meaning the amount of carbs, fats and proteins I should be eating on a daily basis, which are specifically tailored to my lifestyle. I follow them very roughly, using intuitive eating as a guide, I eat when I feel hungry, and stop once I am full.

Surrounding my workouts, I ensure that my body receives the pre-workout energy required to crush my workouts, and along with a good source of a carbohydrate (my got-to is a banana or a handful of dates), I have recently been playing with pre-workout supplements.

Pre-workout supplements deliver the fast-acting energy needed to show up on the days when you least feel like it, and I recommend it to anyone in need of that extra boost. Eat The Bear (or ETBFit) is a great brand that provides supplements that deliver the strength, energy, stamina, and muscle building benefits of taking a pre-workout supplement. They also have a range of protein powders, and as long-term readers know, is essential following a grueling session, as it helps build muscle and repair tissues.


You can find their products by clicking here.

My general rule of thumb is a 3:1 ratio of post workout carbohydrates to protein for achieving optimum nourishment. Ideas include a bowl of pro-oats with nuts and peanut butter on top or eggs on sprouted grain bread – the options are endless!



Keep on challenging, nourishing and believing in yourself – you can and you will reach your goals, your way.

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Wishing you above all Health & Happiness

Miranda xo

High Protein Coconut Cookie Bites (Gluten Free, Paleo, Vegan option)

Happy Food Friday, everyone!

I am super excited about these cookies.. like super super excited! They are so full of protein, fiber and healthy fats that they are practically every nutrition-lovers dream cookie.

I hope that you all don’t mind all of these no-bake cookie recipes too terribly, I mean, they are healthy cookies after all. Also, taking into account that they are Paleo, Gluten Free, and can be made Vegan, it doesn’t get much better than that.


High Protein Coconut Cookie Bites

Makes 12 bites


  • 1/4 cup Coconut Flour
  • 1/4 cup Protein Powder of your choice (I highly recommend using a stevia-sweetened one)
  • Up to 1/4 cup Liquid of your choice (I used pasteurized liquid egg whites, but you could easily use a nut-milk here for slightly less protein)
  • 1 – 2 Tablespoons Chia Seeds
  • 2 Tablespoons Peanut Butter (Or almond, sunflower, coconut, pumpkin butter, etc.)
  • 2 Tablespoons dried Goji Berries
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract


  1. Begin by measuring out your protein powder, cinammon and coconut flour, placing them into a medium-sized bowl.
  2. Next, add your nut butter, chia seeds, gojis, vanilla extract into the bowl, and mix very thoroughly to combine the ingredients together, using a spatula.
  3. Add your liquid of choice last, using as much as you need in order to reach a cookie-dough consistency once thoroughly combined.
  4. Roll out tablespoon-sized bites onto a piece of parchment paper and store in the fridge for optimum consistency and freshness. **Due to the sticky nature of the bites, you could also roll them in shredded coconut before chilling.
  5. Enjoy!





Why do I love these ingredients?

  • Coconut Flour is a rich source of plant-based protein and fiber, making it an ideal blood sugar friendly flour alternative
  • Protein Powder makes a great alternative to white flour, as it has a great consistency yet packs a hunger-satiating punch as well as muscle-loving qualities
  • Goji Berries are rich in vital antioxidants and vitamins due to their vivid colouring
  • Chia Seeds provide both soluble and insoluble fiber, as well as protein and healthy fats to keep you full

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Wishing you above all Health & Happiness

Miranda xo

Balancing a Busy Life with a Healthy Lifestyle

Balancing a Busy Life with a Healthy Lifestyle

Whether you’re a student, working or just living your life, trying to juggle every task on your to-do list can seek like an impossible mountain to climb each day, and that’s even without taking time for yourself.

We all tend to get caught up in the daily whirlwind that is life, forgetting that in order to better show up for those important people, events and duties that we are tied to, we need to stop and carve out time to nourish ourselves from the inside out.

Today, I am going to be sharing my top 3 tips to maintain both an active, healthy lifestyle and a busy life so that you can start on a path towards achieving true holistic wellness.

#1 Meal Prep

One of the most sure ways that you can meet your daily requirements for proper nutrition is to plan and prepare your meals in advance. Nowadays there are countless resources online to help you achieve this, but since I’m more of a DIY person (and I’m “thrifty”) I’m going to share my strategies.

Next time you go to the grocery store, pick and choose ingredients with dishes in mind, and make sure to include loads of veggies. On a day where you have a couple of hours free, such as a Sunday, head to the kitchen and chop heaps of vegetables (I’m thinking cauliflower, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, etc.), cook 5 or so servings of 2 different proteins and grains, and prep around 5 frozen smoothie bags (Pinterest it). Keep these in your fridge for when you’re hungry and short on time, so all you have to do is mix and match proteins, grains and veggies, add your fave dressing (or nuts, seeds, avocado, etc.) and some spices and you’re ready to go!

If you have extra time, I also recommend making up a batch of some healthy grab and go snacks such as *these* or *these*.


#2 Schedule your Workouts

Treat your workouts like you would an work shift, a club meeting, etc. and pencil them into your day planner! Once you have your workout scheduled (it can be as quick as 30 mins) you are far more likely to actually complete it because you’ve already put your commitment down on paper! Try and get creative with your daily schedule and see where you could possibly find a free 20-30 minutes (which leads me into my next tip). Whether its during your lunch break, after school in between club meetings, during a study or homework break or even if it requires you to wake up a bit earlier – taking that time for yourself to de-stress and release endorphins is crucial.


#3 Make Simple Healthy Swaps

When it comes to your health and fitness, the little steps and efforts that you take the time to put in on a daily basis are the ones that accumulate over time to make the biggest difference. Creating daily habits that help lend towards nourishing your body do really add up, and eventually you will begin to see it overall in how you feel, look and act.

A good place to start is to take the stairs instead of the elevator (I swear by this), replace soda with a tall glass of lemon water, use raw honey in your tea instead of sugar, and start adding a cup of vegetables to your meals (I’m talking a green smoothie in the morning, veggie sticks at lunch and steamed broccoli with dinner). You can also make an effort to get up during long periods of sitting (such as at school, work, etc.) to stretch and walk to the bathroom, water fountain, etc.

If you find that you are constantly busy, and have very little free time to exercise, cook, etc. I gently suggest that you take a look at your daily routine and see what might be the cause of it. If after dinner you head straight to the TV, or to your phone screen, decide against it the next time you feel the urge and go do something active instead. If you find homework piling up every day, think about how you spend your class time, perhaps you can find idle minutes in class where you would usually chat and get started on a few math problems instead. Then after school, you can get that friend together with you for a workout class!


If you prioritize your health as a way of ensuring you can better complete your daily tasks, I know that you can find a way to incorporate uplifting habits into your busy lifestyle. Find what makes you feel good, and go start living each day to the fullest (all while stopping to take a moment to breathe, you do need it).

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Wishing you above all Health & Happiness

Miranda xo